13. Otherkin leader. Currently in Isreal :) Sex addict ;) Neutodivergent. Asexual.

Gender is:

[[Nonbinary genderfluid fluctuating between gendervoid, boy (without the privileges), gloomgendered, and genderless]].

Self diagnosed PTSD, autism and bipolar. Pronoun is orochimaruself but will also accept xim/xir/zym/zie uwu


hi my names orochimaru uwu

ok so im a 13 year old nonbinary genderfluid fluctuating between gendervoid, boy(i definately do not have the privileges of being a boy though), gloomgeder and genderless. Currently on vacation in Isreal!! polyethinic, polylingual, polygender, polysexual, uvu im also fluent in japanese english spanish mandirin and many more

mental illnesses:

  • bipolar disorder (self diagnosed at young age)
  • PTSD (self diagnosed by an online quiz and confirmed by yahoo answers)
  • hypochondria (PROFESSIONALLY diagnosed)
  • Multiple personality disorder (PROFESSIONALLY diagnosed on an online quiz)
  • Tourette’s Syndrome (self diagnosed by myself because of random typing tics i get which include desu, nani and uwu)
  • Stomach cancer (self diagnosed by wikipedia and doctors on y! answers and wiki answers)
  • hyposexual (self diagnosed)

please google these terms before you approach me, as i would anata like you to become educated about my conditions rather than staying ignorant and ableist desu

kintype desu:

im a fictionkin. my main kintype desu, i identify as orochimaru from naruto. we’re both outcasts in society uwu so i feel very connected to him!! even though anata he is an anime watashi i feel his spirit inside of me.

I also identify as a chairkin. because i felt a special connection to a chair once whilst sitting on it and felt its pain and agony. i immediately stood up and heard a voice “you are meant to be a chair”

One of my new kintypes is tamponkin. I touched my moms tampax box and i felt a spiritual epiphany which literally allowed me to have flashbacks of my past life as a tampon in the dark box then pulled out and shoved in some ladies vagina. i felt this is what i am truley meant to be.


  • trans
  • amab
  • non-binary
  • genderfluid
  • gendervoid
  • cis male
  • gloomgender
  • genderless
  • polygender


I’m polyethinic, my family tree stems all over the world including mexico, japan, china, mongolia, ireland, canada, france, america, thailand, russa, cherokee indian, india, england, montenegro, scotland, vikings, and etc. 

list of privileges:

im a boy and im middle class and im 13. desu


ur a cis male dont follow me anata desu.

if ur neurotypical dont follow me desu

if u dont believe in otherkin dont follow desu